A rainy afternoon, a beautiful drawing.

I had a wonderful encounter on this wet Melbourne afternoon with Hatice, who came to the 2pm workshop at Top Shelf. She seemed very quiet to begin with, however during our discussion she burst forth with many ideas and anecdotes from her experience. An idea that cropped up repeatedly in our conversation was the idea of limits or boundaries being broken open, whether they be national borders, or emotional/psychological barriers. We also talked about how people can be resistant to change, regardless of whether it is something that would benefit them, simply because it is different. From these and other concepts, we agreed on the message “open yourself to change”.
Expressing this, we at first thought about the idea of a human figure, somehow being opened up, however we acknowledged that the image of the human body is somewhat over-represented within the commercial sphere, and has become a bit too much of a symbol.
Thinking about change, another image that emerged was that of a cocoon. The cocoon very succinctly expressed the necessity of change, and the idea of opening, or breaking out of something.
Hatice was happy to draw, so we decided to simply draw a cocoon, using pencils on paper. Have a look at the result, below.

open yourself to change

Working together, it was clear that Hatice is a talented artist in her own right, which was later confirmed when she showed me some images of her paintings. I enjoyed working together on a drawing, and found myself becoming very conscious of where my hands were, so that we could both work productively.

I like the allusion the cocoon makes to bursting through a kind of boundary; of a physical barrier that by its function is inherently there to be broken.

I really appreciated the experience of working so intimately together on a shared piece, and I would like to thank Hatice for her time and honesty, and her amazing talent, shared in the workshop.

There are more workshops available on Friday and Saturday, and next week too, so book now if you wish to take part.

For those who have already been a participant, or simply those interested in seeing the outcomes of the workshops, we will be throwing open the doors on Saturday 31st August for an open studio – closing party. There will be an artist talk at 2.30pm, and drinks available from 3pm. I hope everyone who did a workshop will be able to make it back, to see all of the amazing works that have been made!

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One Response to A rainy afternoon, a beautiful drawing.

  1. Hello Elizabeth, Thanks for sharing this . I am quite happy to be part of it. The workshop made me realize that I have still a lot to learn. The great project, and I love the beautiful cocoon drawing what we made. Unbelievable, how we did so much things into one hour. It has been an amazing experience in my life.What can I say, I really enjoyed the experience of working together. I thank you Elizabeth for your great personality and your time.Best wishes

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